Garter Snakes as Pets: What You Need to Know

Garter Snakes as Pets: What You Need to Know

Garter snakes are one of the more popular pet snakes, and for good reason. They make great pets, are easy to care for, and can be quite entertaining. Here are some things you need to know if you’re considering taking a garter snake home as a pet. Let’s find out with yeusnaker!

What are garter snakes?

Garter snakes are a group of non-venomous snakes that are commonly found in North and Central America. They belong to the genus Thamnophis, which includes over 30 different species. Garter snakes are known for their long, slender bodies, which are typically brown or green with stripes or spots.

These snakes are generally harmless and are not aggressive towards humans, but they may release a foul-smelling musk if threatened or handled. Due to their ease of care and docile nature, they are often kept as pets.

Garter snakes are active during the day and feed on a variety of prey, including insects, small mammals, and amphibians. They can frequently be found in fields, parks, and other outdoor spaces. They are also important predators in many ecosystems, helping to control populations of pests and other small animals.

What are garter snakes?

What are the different subspecies of garter snakes?

There are many different species and subspecies of garter snakes. Some of the most common subspecies of garter snakes include:

  • Eastern garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis)
  • Plains garter snake (Thamnophis radix)
  • Red-sided garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis)
  • San Francisco garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia)
  • Common garter snake (Thamnophis sirtalis)
  • Coast garter snake (Thamnophis elegans terrestris)
  • Wandering garter snake (Thamnophis elegans vagrans)

These are just a few examples, as there are many more subspecies of garter snakes found throughout North and Central America.

What are the best features of garter snakes as pets?

Garter snakes are a popular choice for those looking for a pet snake due to their small size, ease of care, and generally calm temperament. Their small size makes them easy to house and handle, which can be great for beginner snake owners.

Additionally, garter snakes are not known to be irascible, and are less likely to bite than other species. This makes them a safe choice for those who may be nervous about handling snakes.

In terms of their size, the average garter snake pet size is around 20 to 30 inches. This means they don’t take up much space and can be kept in smaller enclosures. Garter snakes are cold-blooded and require a heat source to regulate their body temperature, but this is a common requirement for most pet snakes.

Another benefit of garter snakes as pets is that they do not require rodents as a food source. Instead, they can be fed a meat-based diet. This can be more convenient for some owners who may not want to deal with live or frozen rodents.

What are the best features of garter snakes as pets?

How to take care of a garter snake

Garter snakes are relatively easy to care for, but it’s important to provide them with the proper environment and diet to ensure their health and well-being. Here are some tips on how to take care of a garter snake:

Habitat: Garter snakes require a secure enclosure that’s large enough to move around in. They are cold-blooded and require a heat source to regulate their body temperature. A heat lamp or pad can be used to provide this warmth. The enclosure should also have a hiding spot and a water dish for the snake to drink from.

Diet: Garter snakes are carnivorous and require a meat-based diet to grow and thrive. It’s important to check periodically for health problems such as worms, mites, blister disease, and gastrointestinal parasites. Feeding your snake a varied diet that includes frozen or live prey can help prevent these issues.

Cleaning: As with any pet, it’s important to keep the enclosure clean and free of waste. You should spot-clean the enclosure daily and do a full cleaning every two weeks. This includes removing any uneaten food, replacing the water dish, and cleaning any soiled substrate.

Cost: Garter snakes are fairly inexpensive to maintain. You’ll need a 10-15 gallon glass aquarium with a tightly fitting screen lid, which typically costs around $100. The price of the serpent would probably be around $10 if you bought it from a breeder.

Overall, the best features of garter snakes as pets include their small size, ease of care, calm temperament, and non-requirement of rodents as a food source. However, as with any pet, it’s important to do your research and ensure that you can provide the proper care and environment for your garter snake.

How to take care of a garter snake

If you’re interested in owning a garter snake as a pet, be sure to research everything you need to know before making the decision. Make sure you have a safe place to keep your snake, provide it with the proper diet and accommodations, and be sure to have a handle on basic care and training.

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